Cognitive/behavioral therapy offers effective solutions to your problems (anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, addictions and weight management) in a brief number of sessions.

    Since the past can't be changed, the focus is on now and your improved vision of the future. By using active guided meditation you can change the way you think about yourself and your options. If you're willing to put in the effort, to learn, and to think differently, it can help change your emotions, and help you be flexible with your behaviors; you'll have the tools necessary to fix your problems and create, on your own terms, a new and better life.


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  I offer 8-week workshops of 6 to 10 people on various psychological issues (anxiety, creating a new life, getting love, chronic illness, and aging,anger and pain). 
     The format is always the same.  They are weekly 1 ½ hour sessions divided into ¾ hours of lectures and ½ hours of active guided meditations integrating what you learned and ¼ hours of discussion of the trance experience.
     It is not group therapy: there is no personal disclosure, no cross talk, and no help offered by the participants to each other. Nonetheless, strength in numbers happens, a bond is formed, and modeling and hearing truthful experiences of each other heightens the learning. Note that Harry Poodle is not allowed in the workshops.

Relaxation Workshop
Changing Your Lifestyle Workshop
Getting The Love You Want Workshop
Protecting Yourself Against Depression
Anger Management Workshop
Less Is More: Chronic Illness Workshop

Guided Meditations

      I teach you how to meditate on your own for relaxation and clarity of mind. I also guide you into the meditative / trance state to assist you in learning this important skill.
     Once I get to know you, usually in 2 to 6 sessions, I do active guided meditation for many disorders, if the patient requests it. With this type of guided meditation I offer custom made ideas that become a catalyst for you to take action and change your life for the better.
     These meditations are taught individually or in workshops.  The
workshops offer more effective learning because of the greater lengths of time and the repetitions of the sessions refine the skill of meditating.

Meditation and its Evolution to Trance Work
More Methods Lead to Trance
About Hypnosis



Brief Cognitive Therapies

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       Brief therapy is strategic, solution focused, short-term therapy. From evaluating my patient,  we identify their long-term goals and then I teach them how to change their patterns of thoughts and reactions to achieve these aspirations.
     This is cognitive and behavioral therapy done concisely. Its exact length depends upon the person, their circumstances, and disorder.  When possible, I will always strive for brevity and your independence from me. 
     In these pictures you see me with Harry, the therapy poodle. He is hypoallergenic, is well groomed, and well trained. If you like, and only if you like, Harry will remain in the room or even share a couch with you.


Addiction and Eating Disorders