Experiencing Relaxation


Experiencing Relaxation


Enhancing your Ability to Relax and Manage Stress by Active Guided Meditation.

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The never-ending challenges and difficulties of everyday life produce stress. Even though we sometimes have little control over what is going on around us, we are always in control of our thoughts and our reactions to the stressors of life. Quality scientific research has proven that hypnosis is a valuable tool to improve problem solving skills and deepen relaxation. Hypnosis can help you change your thoughts and reactions to stress by improving your ability to focus your mind and relax your body.

Contents Volume I: Beginner relaxation techniques
Track 1 Presents a fundamental overview of stress, anxiety, and the relaxation response. It explains how your ability to relax is directly related to the way you think and solve problems. 9:28
Track 2 Provides a hypnotic experience which guides you into deep relaxation and suggests changes in the way you think about yourself and stressful situations. 27:12
Track 3 Identical to Track 2, but without the tightening progressive relaxation. 21:01

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