Experiencing The Ripple Effect


Experiencing The Ripple Effect


Leading an Addiction-free Life.

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Most of us, at some time in life, wonder why we do the same self-defeating things over and over. We think we know better, but still we go on eating too much, working too much, choosing the wrong people for relationships or spending endless hours on the net. Unaware we are caught in a vicious cycle of depression and addiction, we complain of being in a rut, unable to stop doing things that are making us unhappy.
Experiencing the Ripple Effect uses hypnosis as a healthy alternative to the quick-fix solutions of vicious cycles. Quality scientific research has proven that hypnosis can help you change your thoughts and improve your problem-solving skills. The specific ideas suggested will help you make small changes in your life that ripple out into an addiction-free lifestyle.

Track 1 Presents an in-depth look at vicious cycles and the big picture of addiction and its treatment. Also, it presents the Ripple Effect as a strategic and comprehensive solution which helps you overcome vicious cycles by targeting small changes in all aspects of your life. 33:01
Track 2 Provides a hypnotic experience which guides you into a relaxed trance and suggests changes in the way you think about yourself, your reactions, and your social world. 27:38

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