Less Is More


Less Is More


Managing Chronic Illness, Injuries and Aging. Active Guided Meditation with Music.

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Less is More is an active guided meditation set to music to reduce the burden of chronic illness, chronic pain and aging. To reduce the burden means that I teach new ways of thinking about the problems, which will lead to more hope, more happiness and more relief from emotional and some physical pain. Once we have done everything we can do to physically heal the pain, we are ready to learn what our mind can do, to love and live our life to the fullest.
Guided meditation is when we are focused inward on our thoughts with someone guiding and heightening the experience. In the active guided meditation, I present ideas that lead to action after the meditation to improve your life. All the music is specially written to enhance the effect of the active guided meditation, in a classical/film music style.

Track 1 introduces Less Is More and gives more detail of its content. It ends with a piece of music to calm and prepare you for the pleasant meditation that follows. 10:57
Track 2 contains the Less Is More active guided meditation set to music, and presents reasonable ideas to think in a moderate and preventative, yet scientific way to live the best life possible with chronic illness, pain and aging. 44:54

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© & ℗ 2015 by Albina Tamalonis, Psy.D.
Music by Thomas Tamalonis-Olofsson.
Cover Design by Dr. Albina Tamalonis.


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