Walking In The Zone


Walking In The Zone


Positive Imaging with Music for a focused and enjoyable workout.

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Contents: Learning to go into an active and alert trance while walking.
Track 1 Presents a fundamental overview of the scientific facts and benefits of exercise, walking, and hypnosis. Explains how positive imaging and music gets you into the zone where new ideas can increase your positive feelings and thoughts during and after exercising. 09:49
Track 2 Guides you into the zone where you'll be alert, active and hyper-aware of your inner world of mind and body. It offers suggestions in the way you think about food, exercise, yourself and your life. You will be walking to a tempo of 80 beats per minute. 29:00

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© & ℗ 2007 by Albina Tamalonis, Psy.D.
Music by Thomas Tamalonis-Olofsson
Cover design by Paige Larkin.

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