"I have been seeing Dr. T., on and off, for many years.    Since therapy with her I am a different and better person than I was. I have self-confidence and self-esteem and am willing to try new experiences, such as traveling by myself. My depression, anxiety and weight, all life long problems, have greatly lessened.
When I need to change an appointment, she is very accommodating. The office is cozy, clean and charming and her office staff is friendly and professional.   She has a wonderful fish tank in the office, which is very relaxing and beautiful.  She has a wonderful dog that sits on the couch next to me as my other ‘therapist’.  Both are added benefits, which calm me. She really listens to what I say, and then tells me the way it is, in a straightforward but respectful manner.  I trust her completely.
I have attended several small workshops that she has run over the past few years and finally, with her help and guidance, have learned how to meditate. I never could take a deep breath before our work together. I recently had some minor surgery and Dr. T.  helped me tremendously to reduce my anxiety. She made me a personalized active guided meditation CD that was wonderful.
Although I was quite resistant at the beginning, Dr. T finally convinced me to get a dog.  She calls herself “a puppy pusher”. My dog is the best thing that has happened to me in years.  He makes me very happy, something I have been missing for quite a while. He may be replacing her.
If asked, I would recommend her highly to all my friends and family." 

There is so much I have loved about working with Dr, T I almost don't know where to start.  The work I have done with her has had a lasting effect.  I had sessions with Dr. T from 2007 to 2011 and I am still using the valuable techniques she has taught me to this day.  Her work has been incredibly effective for me because she gave me tangible tools not just for coping with life's ups and downs, but to help me THRIVE!  I credit Dr. T for teaching me how to live consciously.  She helped me create awareness around my choices, moving me out of default thinking (I have to do this because that's just the way it is) to realizing that there were stories I was telling myself based on value structures that I was taught.  She helped me check in to see if those were values I actually believed in or if they were just passed down to me.  Once I became clearer on my own values and ethics I learned how to make choices that were more in alignment to who I authentically am.  Dr. T helped me get clear on where I was employing black and white thinking which was keeping me stuck in a pattern of "all or nothing."  Because of her dedication and straightforward, tell it like it is approach (which I find soooo refreshing) I was able to work through my anxiety and depression and out of limited thinking patterns and create new, healthier behaviors in my life.  Most importantly, I always felt loved by Dr. T.  I believe that love is the most healing force on the planet, and that therapy is incomplete without it.  There are many great therapists out there, but when you find one who can give you the tools and who genuinely cares about you, that, my friend, is what you call a keeper.  Dr. T is definitely a keeper in my books."
Therese X.

"hello Albina---you may remember me from back in the mid 80’s. you helped save my life! Howard X#)Y#%? I was a heroin addict, got busted and found you. I have been livin in LA for many years now, and not many days pass w/o me thinking about how lucky I am to have a new life. So, I just want to thank you again. Life hasn’t been a bowl of cherries, but I am lucky to be around to live it. Glad to see you are successful and helping others. Oh, I thought a picture might help your memory…" Howard X


"Subj: Counting backwards self-talk worked 2x today

I had an anxiety attack this morning and I was able to completely change my emotional state by relaxing and visualizing walking down a grazzy hill while counting backwards,  having my husband walk towards me at the bottom of the hill and say (while he hugged) “thank you for everything that you do and I appreciate all that you do for me and the family.” Just that alone made me feel positive, empowered and happy.
I also did the same exercise on the train home late this evening.  When I got home, I felt positive and ready to accept everything and everyone as they were. NO STRESS and NO CONFRONTATIONS – just calmness.

Thanks, Dr. T !!!!!!" MB


"After participating in your 8 week relaxation group I came to understand the value of what you taught as tools and skills. One of the techniques for self-talk involved counting and I realized that I had unconsciously been inducing trance at times when I walk by counting steps as well as counting backwards from 100 when falling asleep. This in fact was something I have done since childhood. You helped me have the revelation that the mind naturally wants to let the unconscious take over. I have since, consciously used the techniques taught by you and have found that as a result, I am more centered in general and am able to focus with ease on a challenging project when I enlist hypnosis to motivate me. The fact I can use hypnosis on my own is a great gift." LK


"Subj: Success story

HI Albina!

I just wanted to let you now that my boyfriend Jim & I have been together for 2 ½ years, now in the healthiest relationship I’ve ever had in my life and he proposed last week! I finally have a man who can fully commit to me and be there for me on all levels. Thank you for being such an essential part of getting me to where I am today!"
Best wish,


"Subj: From a long lost patient

Dr T.

It’s been quite a long time but I was just talking about you the other night to my husband and I thought it would be nice for you to receive some GOOD, happy news from one of your former patients.We saw each other back in 1998(?) and I’ve since met my true love, got married, moved to CA and had a baby. Oh, and did I mention went off Paxil and stopped therapy. You said I could. Therapy took a long time and I know everyone can use a little more. But its been 6 years since I’ve felt dependent on doctors, therapy, medicine etc. Having a supportive husband, eating right, and doing lots of yoga seems, as you said, to have resolved things. Leaving NY may have helped a little too… Hope things are going well with you. MY husband is part Greek and he was wondering if Tamalonis is Greek as well…?"

"Subj: A question!

Your voice mail said you were in Sweden. Delivering a paper I presume.  I am always impressed by your accomplishments. I think about you often. Even when I don’t have a question.  I always think we should have been friends instead of doctor/patient. Not that I have any regrets. You helped get me to a place I never thought I’d see again, HAPPY! Well, enough of that sappy shit. I will call you."


"Subj: Alive and well!

Dr T.

As I have not been in to see you in a very long time. I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that my life is going mysteriously well. I have a new job as Vice President of….David and I are still together, its been two loving years…I cut my ex-…out of my life…my own happiness has become all important. Life has become fun and pleasurable again. I don’t know how much feedback you get from former patients and I feel everyone should be aware of the positive influences that were/are in someone life. I just felt I needed to tell you that a great deal of the inner strength and sense of self worth that I have built up over the years has much to do with you. My appreciation for who you are and what you’ve done for me is boundless. I considered calling you but I am ever so much more eloquent on paper, Besides, I would have cried half way through and I hate to appear a wuss. Thank you."


"Dear Dr. Tamalonis:

I hope you are well. Several months ago I wrote you a very long e-mail and you were kind enough to carefully review it and respond (And speak with me). More importantly, you were able to assess my situation and gave me a book to read. Unfortunately, I was/am not able to work with you. Why? I cannot afford to pay your fee. That is why I am writing from a different e-mail address. I am ashamed. Granted, I should not be, but I am. There are no free lunches in this world. Nor do I seek one. May the decency and kindness you have shown me come back to you in good ways (You graduated Queens College. I lived in Whitestone as a child). That has been the story of my life. A well educated person who is trapped in field they do not like and who is abused like a workhorse by employers. The proverbial "nice guy" who always finishes last, who is isolated, and who can barely get by. Your kindness was very much appreciated. I wish there were more people like you out there. Be well."