Workshop 1

      I offer this 8-week workshop for 6 to 10 people. The sessions are held weekly for 1 ½ hours. Every session is divided into ¾ hours of lectures, ½ hours of active guided meditations integrating what you learned, followed by ¼ hours discussion of the trance experience. It is not group therapy: there is no personal disclosure, no cross talk, and no help offered by the participants to each other. Nonetheless, strength in numbers happens, a bond is formed, and modeling and hearing truthful experiences of each other heightens the learning. 

Reducing Your Stress And Anxiety

Time and Place: Day of week TBA. 6:15 to 7:45 PM in Dr. Albina's Office

      The stress of modern life and the challenges of our existence are real – there is no denying it. But the way you respond and mange your stress is up to you! You do not have to accept worry, anxiety, and physical symptoms as unavoidable results of stress. This eight-week program teaches both ancient and modern techniques proven to relax the mind and alter consciousness. You will relax by learning skills of paying attention, focusing and having longevity in your concentration. All the skills Dr. Albina has, will be used while she teaches the relaxation technique of the week, so that you go into the deepest trance you are capable of while learning the new method taught. This heightens your learning and without knowing it, you are repeating all the skills that the seminar teaches. This increases the likelihood that the techniques you learn become new and positive tools that you can use to manage stress in the future.

      This is a brief outline of the seminar where what you learn builds upon the learning of the previous week. The techniques are repeated each week, so that at the end of the 8th week, it is an unconscious conditioned response, i.e. a permanent skill (similar to learning how to ride a bike, which at first is seemingly impossible, but later becomes a skill you don't even have to think about).

Week 1. Introduction.

To increase your awareness of yourself and your life: you will pin point the events in life that create stress; you will calculate your current level of stress; and you will understand the physical, mental and emotional symptoms created by stress. After this session you will understand the importance of learning the relaxation response to counter the fight-or-flight reaction that happens within the body when something in life, your body or your mind stresses you out.

Week 2. Multiple Breathing Techniques.

Breathing is the most reliable technique known to alter consciousness and relax the body. You will learn various breath techniques and understand how different ways of breathing control different reactions of thebody and different reactions of the mind. Breath techniques to induce relaxation will be more heavily practiced.

Week 3. Multiple Relaxation Techniques.

You will learn several body techniques that teach you more about feeling your body and how to physically relax the body more deeply. Using the breath in conjunction with these techniques will be practiced to enhance the body's ability to relax.

Week 4. Various Meditation Techniques.

You will learn to meditate to quiet the mind and enhance the ability of the body to relax.  This ancient method teaches you how to focus and concentrate on various techniques which clear the mind and induce relaxation as a side benefit. The techniques covered will be mantras, sound, candle gazing, guided and mental concepts. Using the breath and relaxation in conjunction with meditation will be practiced to enhance the body's ability to relax.

Week 5. The Breath, Relaxation, Meditation together: Yoga, Alexander and Laban Body Techniques.

You will learn several stretches and relaxing yoga postures you can do anytime to become more relaxed. Using breath control, relaxation and meditation in conjunction with using the body when practiced helps you experience the most intense of altered states.

Week 6. Eliminating Harmful Thoughts.

You will learn how your thoughts affect your body and your emotions. You will learn thought awareness, thought blocking, thought refuting and substitution to stop the ideas that start the fight and flight, anxiety reaction.

Week 7. Self-Talk Techniques.

You will learn this modern technique to put relaxing mental images and new ideas (suggestions) into your head to calm and comfort you. Using all the previous leanings in conjunction with a variety of self talk methods you will learn to induce a relaxed state by yourself. Various methods will be practiced.

Week 8. Last Seminar Active Guided Meditation

This last week puts together all the techniques. After this trance session you will be prepared to use what you have learned in your life, and afterwards you will receive a recording of the session to be used until the relaxation response becomes second nature.


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