Workshop 6

      I offer this 8-week workshop for 6 to 10 people. The sessions are held weekly for 1 ½ hours. Every session is divided into ¾ hours of lectures, ½ hours of active guided meditations integrating what you learned, followed by ¼ hours discussion of the trance experience. It is not group therapy: there is no personal disclosure, no cross talk, and no help offered by the participants to each other. Nonetheless, strength in numbers happens, a bond is formed, and modeling and hearing truthful experiences of each other heightens the learning. 

Less Is More: Managing Chronic Illness, Injuries and Aging

Week 1. Introduction To Less Is More.

  • The history of the phrase in other contexts
  • The notion that Less is More is a metaphor in our context
  • Came from having a chronic/disorder myself, since birth, but not DX till 58 years of age after having 13 surgeries in 10 years.
  • No matter what, the body is miraculous and strives for homeostasis and life.

Week 2. Finding the balance.

  • Our bodies heal from injury or any disorder with movement and rest.
  • Accepting the new normal  
  • Flexibility we have it in our bodies but need it in our minds.
  • Avoiding new injury and caring for ourselves in every way.

Week 3. Accepting your illnesses.

  • The beginning of changing and healing.
  • Know and appreciate your limitations,
  • Controlling what you can
  • Less is More: weight, junk food, drinking and smoking

Week 4. Change your focus and thoughts.

  • Focusing on what you have left rather than on what you lost
  • Teaching tales (2)
  • Patients Examples of erroneous thinking (2)

Week 5. Less is More Major Themes.

  • Inner focus
  • Sensing of body more important than thinking –trusting body and mind
  • Trust unconscious mind
  • Experience more important than just therapy or book learning
  • Bumble bee flaps wings differently in order to fly, not unusual

Week 6. Pain reduction.

  • Distraction
  • Mental Techniques, meditation, guided meditation and active guided meditation
  • Hypnosis, Milton Erickson, Indirect – Tomato plant interspersal technique where  casual conversation where special words or phrases are given emphasis so that they become effective suggestions.
  • Traditional Hypnosis, Direct – heavy like a dull leaden weight, sodden with sleep incapable of sensing anything except heavy tiredness, wooden.
  • Amnesia for the pain so it is not anticipated
  • Detached and dissociated from the body

Week 7. Changing Habits – what you can imagine you can attain.

  • Create rituals and ceremonies,
  • Breathing, meditation, power of unconscious and now
  • Daily routines- Exercise for us is like insulin for dibectic.
  • Caring for the self – reach integrity and wisdom, E. Erikson
  • Attitude – expectation-
  • Maintenance
  • Proactive Coping and Create Contingency plans

Week 8. Putting it all together.

  • Examples of three patients
  • Moral of my patients' stories:
  • You have to be like Goldilocks
  • One bed is too hard
  • One bed is too soft
  • The last was just right!
  • You cant do to much or too little! You can do it just right for you!

Less is More the Active Guided Meditation (30 min recorded just for you).
Arrange yourself in a comfortable position and be prepared for a fascinating experience.


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